The North Syracuse Volunteer Firefighter's

Association Executive Officers


The North Syracuse Volunteer Firefighters's Association was incorporated in 1949.

The Firefighter's Association provides benefits that encourage recruitment and active participation in the Fire Department. The Association provides the means for many activities and functions during the year. As well as a yearly budget which includes, but is not limited to; fire training, public education, apparatus, a physical fitness center for the firefighters, sports teams, yearly clambake, banquet, Christmas party, and a Halloween Party for the firefighter's children.


David Evangelista

Vice President

Allen Lamica


Jeremy Fryer

The Board of Directors

Wayne Rochette

Joe Asztalos

Gary Wilmer

Aaron Caza

Heather Engels

Asst. Treasurer

Natalie Guinta

Natalie Guinta


Heather Engels

NSVFA Past Presidents

Donald Ammerman
Philip Abruzzese
Patrick Brennan
Peter Dromms
Ronald Forss
Dominic Giordano
Gerald Grudzinski
Norman Gunther
Earl Huntley
Robert Marshall
Myron Pepperman
Kenneth Ryan
Charles Schirtz
Hugh Wolf
Scott Gratien
Joe Asztalos

NSVFA Retired Members

Jack Abulencia
Ernest Dewolf
Ron Forss
Fred German
David Greenfield
Gerald Grudzinski
Bill Hepp
Earl Huntley